Monday, 24 January 2011

Tips for women: Caring for yourself

Caring for the body it's important right? Because beauty will shine not only from within, but also from outside. Not that beauty in you know it's not important for women, but now I'm really going to give little tips from the experiences of friends for their fellow women in this world. These tips specifically for those wishing to reduce eye bags that look black, reduce the black impression on the armpits, to reduce the stubborn pimples and whiten teeth naturally. Generally, these tips are for the ladies, but no harm in it if the men also know it. Who knew would be very useful to help his brother or his wife.

Here are some tips:

1. Reduces the visible black eye bags
- Provide tomatoes and cucumbers, peeled cucumber skin only, then wash them.
- Slice cucumber into four, and became like a half circle shape (to conform with the form of eye bags).
- Slice the cucumber as usual, then a semicircle as in tomato.
- Place both slices of fruit in turn, allow for 15 minutes, and you can use to mask the fruit on your face.

2. Reducing black impression on armpit
- Prepare three camphor, mash until smooth
- Combine the pepper into the collision last 10
- Give water and the mixture melted
- Apply gently on your armpit

(Attention: for sensitive and irritated armpits should not you use first, wait until normal)

3. Reduce stubborn acne
- Find 2 pieces of aloe vera leaf, split into 2.
- Apply aloe vera mucus in your acne slowly, and allow temporary
- After a bit dry you can wash with water. Try warm water before the cold water

So it does not matter if you do not follow the course the salon.

4. Whiten teeth naturally
- Mash fine of dried coconut leaves
- Rub a result of the collision was in your teeth morning and evening
- To clean your teeth, you can use toothpaste, or better use before brushing your schedule

That was four tips that are used by some people and is believed to maximize the beauty treatments. Results do not be the same in every person. But I'm sure, beauty is still beauty of a woman who not only radiated from the outside but also from within. Because of his charisma and aura will look through our hearts as well.


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