Friday, 21 January 2011

Choosing the stairs for a minimalist home

The house is a place to rest after a weary day's activities. My house palace, the term is indeed appropriate to describe how much we will miss home, but if the house is too small and little can be made into a comfortable palace? Follow these tips.

Having a small house that does not mean you can not enjoy the comfort. Beautiful impression, tidy, and roomy you can still get if you know the trick.

In order for your small house look spacious and comfortable, the following tips you can do:

1. Take advantage of empty space as efficiently as possible.
Empty spaces are not filled in you can use as a place to put stuff. Under the stairs for example, can you fill with furniture or furnishings that often you use everyday such as garden tools, handyman tools, shoe racks, etc.., But avoid piling up the goods so the room will look untidy and crowded.

2. Play the lighting in the house.
Lights which you can use the yellow and white. The yellow light will give the impression of warm, fresh, natural and romantic. While the white light will give formal effect, cool, spacious, and friendly.

3. The laying of the window and glass selection.
Setting the position of windows and glass that is used is also very important in making your home look more spacious. Avoid using large window sizes and glass are too many motives. When building a house window position should be installed in the right position so that the sun can freely go in and help the circulation of the house so as to provide warmth and expanded considerably.

4. Selection of paint colors or wallpaper.
A good idea to choose the color of the walls a bright and clear to avoid home seem cramped. If you want to use wallpaper (wallpaper), choose a patterned thin lines, or small boxes.

5. Stairs home.
For a house consisting of two floors, stairs sebaikknya selected from metal materials because it is lighter and slimmer.

6. Materials and forms of home furniture.
Use furniture or home furnishings are simple design and color that resembles the color of the walls. In addition to not produce the effect of narrow and heavy, it will sweeten the view furniture in the room.


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