Friday, 25 February 2011

How to Quickly Overcome Cramps

Cramps during exercise may occur. However, we do not need to panic because Fabio Comana, exercise physiologist, has a quick way to relieve pain in muscles that are tense.

Drinking: Dehydration is one cause of cramps. This occurs because the body's electrolyte levels are affected when we are dehydrated. Drink at least 600 ml of water, 3 hours before activity. And, have another drink of 250 ml every 15 minutes during exercise.

Flex Muscle: Stop the activity that we are doing, then try to flex its muscles in the area who felt sick for 20-45 seconds, or until the pain disappears. Cramping is a symptom of a strained muscle. So, flexing muscles is the right solution.

Press the part that cramps: It can help release muscle tension. In addition, the pressure will also stimulate muscle receptors to release tension.

Massage the sore area with a loud: Like when we kneading dough. This method is a combination of both previous methods, ie, flexing and pressing.


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