Thursday, 31 March 2011

The best tips honeymoon preparation

The honeymoon is the most beautiful thing for married couples, to unwind after the wedding but there beberapahal should be prepared before making your honeymoon:

1. Prepare for what will be brought to honeymoon as early as possible. Because, of course, preparing business luggage will not be finished just in the last minute. Try to leave time to prepare at least a week before departure. In this way, you can examine the goods to be brought again later. That does not mean you have put the clothes will be brought into a suitcase that will make your clothes dirty / wrinkled. What is important to prepare everything and put it close to the suitcases that will be used later.

2. Before the big day, be sure to put the plane tickets, train or any other tickets, hotel vouchers as well, in a place that is easy for you to remember. And do not forget also the suitcase. If you worry about what it takes behind, ask for help from friends or family to remind.

3. If you are planning a honeymoon abroad, make sure you exchange currency, so you will be able to pay the cost of transport at the airport later. Do not bring too much foreign currency. You also can trade them at their destination or use a credit card. In this way, you do not have to worry anymore if the lack of money or feel the need to spend all your money.

4. Honeymoon trip so special after rushing for months in preparing for marriage, it would not hurt if you also prepare something special for both of like lingerie.

5. Make sure that your arrival time in accordance with the time of check in hotel.

6. Schedule your departure day after the wedding day. So you still have time to rest or to call close friends to share the experience on the wedding day. And of course will have enough time to re-examine your luggage.

7. Re-read the manual or book a tour (if tour) on the destination and the weather there so you can prepare. Or about the ethics dressed in tourist destinations, etc.
8. Bring your address book is also a friend or family. Who knows you want to send a thank you greeting card or postcard. Travel far to be filled by writing a few cards or postcards.

So hopefully useful tips for you.

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