Sunday, 3 April 2011

Tips to make crispy cookies

Pastries are also often called koekie cookies comes from the word meaning small cake. Materials and methods making pastry is not much different from how to make cake. However, in Indonesia as a pastry cookies instead because it felt that was crisp and dry.

Pastries are not the same as biscuit. Biscuit is a dry cake containing less fat and sugar, which is also mass produced in factories that use special equipment and a special oven, too.

Making cookies at first glance seem very easy. All the ingredients are mixed and then formed and roasted. Though the process is not that easy. There are a few things to know and do to not just be a dry cake, but taste good. Understanding of material and character will help create delicious pastries. Cake-making techniques will also be a lot of help when finding a failure when making cookies.

In order for your pastries perfect result, here are some things to note:

1. Select the material quality and new. Materials which will expire soon make cookies do not last long.
2. Weigh ingredients accurately and follow the appropriate steps in order to manufacture with perfect results
3. According to the recommended form of cake. If requested print, cakes must be printed, do not disendokkan. Conversely, if advised to do disemprit disendokkan. Dough composition has been adjusted by way of forming.
4. Form a cake not too thick, not too too thin. Cake is too thick, long cooked until it took a long time. If pengovenan too long, not the crisp results obtained but instead the cake becomes hard. Conversely cake formed too thin, easily broken up to hard packed.
5. Put the cooked cake to cool on a wire. Once cool, do not wait anymore, immediately packed in jars clean, dry and have closed the meeting.
6. For pastries are fried, drain completely from oil to dry. After the above peniris drained, place on paper straw or other paper that absorbs the oil.
7. If making cookies with the addition of peanut ingredients, including sesame, roasted until cooked first. In addition you can also roasted-oven. Nuts should not roasted or roasted if used mainly for topping (not stirred into the batter).
8. When using the chips, corn chips or potato chips inside mlinjo dough pastries, cookies must be pierced with a skewer after molding for chips and chips remain crisp.

9. To make the cake dry sago, sago first roasted over low heat about 10 minutes for the sago is not damp. Keep the fire should not be too large so that the color of sago unchanged.

10. If using raisins or other dried fruit as an additional, first wash raisins / other dried fruit for some sugar dissolves. Raisins are mostly sugar will feel hard.


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