Monday, 25 April 2011

Tips for choosing a trendy briefcase

Here are some things that must be considered when choosing a briefcase in accordance with the functions and needs of your appearance:

* Choose a briefcase-sized or large. Importantly, the size of bags such products must fit the size and shape of your body!

* For most people, the most ideal briefcase model is rectangular. Although not a fixed rule, a model like this bag is more functional than the model it sekolah.Selain bag, rectangular bag more easily placed, not easily fall, and usually have a 'charge' it could have.

* In order for your official view in her work clothes are not boring, choose a brightly colored briefcase. Forget the rules 'raw and old-fashioned' that briefcase or school bag, a black or brown. Briefcase or a brightly colored school bags are believed to improve your morale.

* If you feel more 'safe ' to collect the briefcases and school bags model dark and neutral, like black, brown, or beige, you should select a model trendy and stylish. Thus, professional appearance you still look chic and stylish!

* To view a simple briefcase and minimal detail look more attractive, do not hesitate to give an accessory. For example, winding a scarf on your bag or attach the strap purse hanger designs and attractive color, which is now in vogue.


  1. setujuu banget!. sip, tips yang mancaabh

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