Sunday, 15 May 2011

The cause of thrush.

The disease known as thrush or stomatitis is a swelling or inflammation that occurs in the mucous lining of the mouth. Areas that could be affected by thrush, including the cheeks, gums, tongue, lips and palate of the mouth. In addition thrush can also cause bleeding, swelling and the color red.

Healthcentre As quoted from Saturday (27/03/2010) There are several things that can cause thrush, namely:

1. Due to virus
Thrush is caused by some form of virus present in the body, including special cases such as that causes glandular fever, herpes and other oral diseases.

2. Due to bacteria.
Sprue usually prefer this type occurs when a person suffering from a sore throat or other diseases caused by bacteria.

3. Fungus.
Sprue arises when a person has the immune system is very low, or other health problems that may require the use of high doses of antibiotics.

4. Non-infectious.
Generally is the most common cause of recurrent mouth sores, although it is not known but the cause will usually disappear within 2 weeks. Sprue can also be caused by problems in the digestive system, lack of vitamins, riboflavin, and B12 miacin.

In addition to the four causes mentioned above, there are other things that are suspected to cause thrush, such as lack of oral hygiene, the installation of braces or dentures, and also the consumption of hot food or drink.

Treatment is done to treat thrush is to find the root cause thrush. However, arranging the food consumed can also help, such as avoiding foods or foods with a crisp sharp taste. Try to use a soft toothbrush and keep your mouth and teeth health.

If you are the guide wire teeth or dentures, ask your doctor to check when visiting to ensure that no significant problems.

Usually thrush will go away by itself after 4 days, but when abiding should seek medical help, especially if caused by a bacterial infection that requires antibiotics.

Actually, thrush can be prevented by maintaining good oral hygiene and good teeth, make regular dental check and set a good diet to reduce foods that can trigger irritation of the mucous lining of the mouth.

Besides the prevention of thrush can also be done to avoid the trauma or conflict, such as brushing your teeth gently, not in a hurry when eating and not talking while eating.


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  1. I often get this desease. Approximately twice in a month. I feel so pain of it. Thanks a lot for these tips. I'll do your words :)